Saturday, October 24

Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty’s actor just had his first haircut in SEVENTEEN years and the outcome is beyond recognition!

Shocking Transformation!

The 48 year old Duck Dynasty star just got his first haircut in 17 years and his wife is literally unable to recognize him. The shocking revealation was uploaded on Instgram by Willie himself captioning it, “Everyone else is going back to the barber, I figured I should try it too. #17years”.

The video shows the barber snipping a little of the beard edge and clearing the sides of his head eventually going to the top. Willie mentioned during the video for how ‘weak’ he felt and referenced it to the biblical character Samson who had his powers come from his Hair. The transition was very much exciting for the 48 year old actor who jokingly suggested that he could even perhaps play a part for a Viking movie.

The hair transformation left the whole Robertson family in shock as even his own wife couldn’t recognize him, Literally! Willie walked past his 28 year old wife, Korie at a restaurant and even past her car.

Further testimonial statements were brought in from his Father in law, Christian Huff was in awe as he saw the new look and asked Willie if it even was a new wig? Bella, Willie Jr. and Sadie his kids were just in complete shock as well.