One LinkedIn Hack that Can Increase Your LinkedIn Presence

July 4, 2019  —  By

I get most of my business from LinkedIn, which means I spent a lot of my client acquisition time on LinkedIn.

By doing a lot of experiments, I found out that on days, when I click on
LinkedIn ads, I seemed to be getting more reach for my posts.

Is that a coincidence? I thought.

So, I started monitoring patterns on LinkedIn and found that there is indeed a connection between clicking ads and the reach of your posts.

What can you learn from this?

Every time, you login to LinkedIn, click on a few ads to get the LinkedIn algo on your side and then keep doing your regular thing.

Which is posting good content, sharing insights and creating thought provoking articles that make your target audience sit-up and take note of your work.

What is a Good Content Model to Follow on LinkedIn

By clicking on ads, you can increase your reach but in the end you need to create good content to get the right mileage out of LinkedIn.

Below is a sample Article that you can follow. The article (titled How to Become a Celebrity in Your Industry) that I posted on LinkedIn got me more than 15 business meetings.

The 15 business meetings lead to around 5 business proposals and all from ONE article.

Follow the principles on that article and you too can get dozens of meetings with your target audience:

Here is the article to model:

As a bonus for reading this hack, let me show you 3 really good LinkedIn summaries that you can use to model your own profile:

You can see the clarity of thought that Nanci Smith has put on her profile and how it makes you feel confident in her approach.

The next profile is of Eleni Psaltis.

What is surprising with Eleni, is that she is a lawyer too but her fun personality comes through quickly.

Let’s close off with Ian’s profile, which is very matter of fact. What do you think of these 3 profiles, which one did you like best?

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