Wednesday, December 2

NYPD cops allegedly had BLEACHED Milkshakes! Don’t let this happen to YOU!

Milkshakes are yummy and heartwarming but not today for these NYPD officers who have been admitted in the hospital after drinking milkshake from Shake Shack which allegedly consisted of toxic substances, similar to bleach but the important question is, what can we do to prevent this?

The police labor union is steaming as 3 of their officers were hospitalized after consuming the beverage on Monday night. The NYPD has cleared the Shack and questioned its employees and the investigation seems to getting more and more skeptical as no employee depicted and sort of criminal behavior.

The latest allegation rests in the doubt that perhaps it could have been the remains of detergent that had been left behind when the blender was previously washed.

The involvement of Mayor Bill De Blaiso has made this issue more concerning where he announced at the Press Conference that, “These police union leaders, not all but too many, stand in the way of progress, in fact (They) don’t want the truth, they just want to sow division”

Social media has brought in light a similar allegation in Kansas where the Police Officer accused the baristas in McDonalds to print words of Profanity on their coffee cup which proved to be false upon further investigation. This has built doubt and skepticism in the minds of the public keeping in mind of the current protests against Police brutality as well.

The NYPD conducted a thorough investigation where they close examined the neighborhood for bleach remnants along with even going through the trash cans after the alleged poisoning attempt, however nothing was found that could hold as evidence.

Keeping in mind of the times we live in right now it’s always in best interest to make things on our own, it’s only a myth that the perfect milkshake cannot be made at home, Heck even Kylie Jenner makes her shakes at home. In an interview Jenner stated that, “I’m making a smoothie this morning. This is all I have right now so I’m working with it”

She explains how she absolutely loves berries and that she’s picky about her blender with which she makes, the link for the blender is a click below.