Wednesday, December 2

Texas Footy players RENAMED School and its Anthem!

The University of Texas Longhorns play at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin. Photo credit: Jamie Harms via USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Texas football players and athletes took up the mantle to rename their Schools along with a massive donation to the sports quota and even changing their School Song as a part of showing their respect and support towards the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

The Student Athlete Body (Longhorn) sent a letter stating the participation of all the football players in all activities for the coming season, however they would not be taking part in any future player recruitment or in any Alumni based activities.

The letter was posted on several social media platforms through several Longhorn athletes which stated that, “The recent events across the country regarding racial injustice have brought to light the systemic racism that has always been prevalent in our country as well as the racism that has historically plagued our campus”, moreover it even made mention of the School Motto which was “What starts here, Changes the World”

Teens of Texas Voicing Out

The activism took place after the nationwide protests and riots took place after the death of George Floyd and is fully in favor for the Black Lives Matter movement. The letter consisted of further content which mentioned that they do not seek this sort of change in just the area of Texas but in other parts of the Nation as well.

Along with the initiative to rename school buildings, several dozens of players marched with their coach, Tom Herman from their campus till the stadium with respect to George Floyd. The letter even demanded, 0.5% of the annual revenue (A ball park of $1 million based on previous records) to be donated to Black organizations and the Black Lives Matter movement.

 Another demand put forward was to change their tradition song of “The Eyes of Texas” which made references to the Blackface characters from the 1990’s and this song had been adapted to be played after most game matches.

Texas always did have an image of being around issues of the similar sort like even when back in 2010, the school took out the former dormitory leader, Ku Klux Klan along with the removal of several other Confederate type statues being removed during 2017.