Wednesday, December 2

Famous Celebs Celebrated Pride Month but Spongebob? Here’s why Spongebob may be gay

Spongebob SquarepantsParamount Pictures Animation

The latest buzz on Twitter has been about Spongebob’s sexuality, that’s right, you heard that correct.

As a part of celebrating Pride Month along with the LGBTQ+ community, the network had tweeted in favor for it along with the mentioning of two other of its Famous Characters like Michael D. Cohen from the American Comedy Series “Henry Danger” and Korra from “The Legend of Korra”.

The famous Canadian actor, Michael D. Cohen, shared his story of transitioning to Male from Female around twenty years ago and it’s reflected on the twitter post as well, moreover Avatar Korra has been identified as Bisexual as well. All of this leads to the Big Question for what exactly is Spongebob’s sexuality if the rest two share a common trait.

A while after the tweet was released, the platform buzzed all over where people questioned Spongebob’s sexuality and Nickelodeon turning of the comments did not help with the agitation either, leading people to tweet out on their own grounds making Spongebob one of the top trending searches for the day.

Spongebob’s fans have been left in dismay as Stephen Hillenburg, the famous American Animator and late creator of the show, announced about Spongebob’s sexuality and that it was treated like the characters were Asexual as the whole purpose of the show was just to portray fun, jokes and provide an overall amusement to the audience. Hillenburg further added that, “We never intended them to be Gay”.