Wednesday, December 2

10 Cool Gears for You


After cutting The Joker’s balloons loose prior to their final battle in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, Bruce took the Batwing up for a shot against the moon that mirrored the Dark Knight’s iconic chest plate symbol.

This set from Lego honors that memorable moment. Consisting of 2,363 bricks, it has a removable canopy and poseable flaps, comes with three minifigs, and includes a wall bracket for mounting the sizable final result, clearing up valuable desktop space.


There’s something special about the body designs of early automobiles. And for most of us, driving one is something we will never experience.

Zagato and Pininfarina teamed up to re-create some of those classic vehicles in the form of an immersive driving simulator complete with the gear shifters, pedals, and throwback steering wheels.

eClassic cars sit on a hydraulic system that simulates motion, while three displays give you a realistic view of a vintage car track.

The simulators are set for release next year and will be paired with the eClassic Racing Club to digitally connect you with like-minded aficionados for training, coaching, and races.


Rosewood and leather are a combination you’d find on high-end furniture. In this case, they’re used to create possibly the most lavish Mahjong Set around.

Hermes crafts the game’s 144 tiles from printed Swift calfskin and stores them in an elegant box made from the rich wood. Dice and sticks are included and while the game is fully functional, the price tag indicates it may be for display only.


What started as an ergonomic research assignment led to a brand new modular controller design from Chinmay Gohil. The Morphox takes the humble gaming controller to the next level with the ability to adapt based on the type of game you’re playing.

It can expand for a handlebar-like grip, a driving wheel, a more immersive module for flying and navigation, and even morph into a pair of FPS-focused weapons.

The Morphox also includes a trigger system that’s built to fight index finger fatigue for longer gaming sessions. Gohil credits his favorite industrial designers with the inspiration for the futuristic handheld accessory.


When traveling between Italy, Norway, and Jamaica in the film No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s James Bond can be seen toting his belongings in a Globe-Trotter Check-In Trolley Case.

Fit for a secret agent, the luggage comes in a classic combination of Ocean Green Vulcanised Fibreboard and black leather trim. An extendable wooden handle and four wheels make for easy maneuvering while interior straps on the lid and base keeps everything secure during transit.

It’s finished off with plaque engraved with the co-branded 007 logo and serial number.


When Dean Kamen first introduced the Segway, he probably wasn’t thinking it would make the basis for a killer go-kart. Yet here we are, looking at the Ninebot GoKart Pro.

At the rear sits a modified 4,800W-output Segway-based electric powertrain paired with a 432Wh battery for a range of 15.5 miles and a top speed of 23 mph — which it hits in mere seconds.

An intelligent drift assist system and special TPE rear tires make cornering a breeze, and a mechanical handbrake helps increase the fun while providing a backup stopping solution.

It’s built with a high-strength steel frame good for up to 220 lbs of payload, and the entire race car-inspired unit is IP54 water-resistant.


With the reveal of the new Nemesis One Hydrofoil Catamaran, Nemesis is making a bold statement. The company promises that the concept will be the world’s fastest hydrofoil cruising catamaran.

The 332-foot has the potential to jet across the water at 50 knots. Its speed is the result of a fuel cell hydrogen system powered by electric batteries and solar panels on the roof as well as an “Oceanwings” sail. To keep crew to a minimum, the giant wing sail is completely automated.

Aside from its impressive speed, the vessel features a futuristic silhouette made completely from carbon fiber while the interior utilizes “living modules” for a customizable layout.


The great thing about concepts is you can dream up anything you want — even a yacht with a glass-bottom pool. That’s what Feadship did when they designed the Project 3073.

The 207-foot all-aluminum sports yacht features a sleek, elegant silhouette reminiscent of a luxury sports car. It’s able to hit 30 knots thanks to a state-of-the-art propulsion system that utilizes water jets instead of propellers while an electric equivalent could reach up to 20 knots.

Although the entire vessel is a gem, the crowning feature is the glass-bottom pool. Situated above the owner’s stateroom, the glow from the water creates a unique ambiance on board.


For those of you that would rather avoid road trips all-together than mount a plastic cargo carrier to the roof of your new Benz, Mercedes AMG has a solution that will make you and your family happy.

Their impeccably designed roof box lets you add space without sacrificing speed or your dignity. Available in two versions — one for all models and one for coupes — it’s engineered with a glossy black fin and diffusers for optimum aerodynamics while also minimizing drag and noise.

The sleek water-resistant exterior is finished in comet-grey magno and so everyone knows this isn’t some generic roof box, there’s AMG branding on every side.


Made from exotic materials, Titleist’s CNCPT line represents the pinnacle of their clubmaking abilities — and the CP-04 is the latest addition. Offering a progressive midsize profile and moderate offset, it updates the original CP-01 design for a confident view at address and player improvement-level forgiveness.

It has a forged supermetal L-face insert and an average of 100g of tungsten per iron for added speed, stability, precise sweet-spot placement, and increased launch.

As a result, the multi-material, hollow body design provides optimal MOI and CG placement throughout the set. It’s joined in the lineup by the new, muscleback-style CP-03 made using the same materials and techniques.