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Yoga for Musicians and Music Lovers

Yoga for Musicians is a practice that is developed out of their own experience with music and yoga. Yoga for music lovers is an innovative program specifically designed to amplify their genuine inner experience during their live musical performance.

It can help in so many ways including the development of a concentrated and focused mind for performance and an overall awareness of breath to help with relaxation and musical phrasing. When your mind is still and your heart is open, you can be touched more deeply and moved more profoundly.

Yoga is truly a way to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Through practicing yoga techniques, you can develop an awareness of breath and body that can help with any task at hand.

Practicing playing an instrument daily for hours is strenuous on the body, the muscles can get very tight and inflamed, the nerves get pinched, the joints become less mobile, flexibility can diminish, and the result of this all is most probably pain or even injury. A lot of the musicians put therapeutic tape all over their body.

In these cases activities such as yoga are absolutely essential to balance out the activity of the muscles on the left and right side of the body and build overall strength that allows the body to function as one unit.

With yoga, professional musicians can learn how to relax their muscles, balance out the opposite sides of the body, prevent muscle or nerve inflammation and dislocation, increase the mobility and flexibility of their joints, and build overall strength to help their bodies perform in their maximum capacity.With yoga, one learns self-discipline and improves his or her determination and will power.

Yoga is all about self-mastery, it is about a continuous search for ways to improve and find new challenges. Both yoga and music are paths towards perfection.

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