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Top 9 Best Professional and Cheap Drones in 2017

Top 9 Best Professional and Cheap Drones in 2017

Every professional and amateur photographer needs to have many different tools of their cameras in order to ensure good pictures as well as videos. A good drone is used to take pictures and videos from above. Here are the top 9 best professional and cheap drones for filming and photography.

List of Top 9 Best Inexpensive Drones in 2017

9. Yuneec Hexacopter Drone:

This is one of the best professional and affordable drones in the list named Yuneec Hexacopter Drone. This drone is specially built in Intel Real Sense technology making the drone good at planning routes and map. It comes with better and extra battery which and can be used longer than other regular flying drones. it is also built in collision avoidance that makes this drone easy and safe to fly. It flies with constant speed capturing great videos. It can keep its stability even in high and strong wind. Therefore, the drone sure is good in producing smooth videos. Moreover, the Typhoon H is also greatly constructed with foldable arms and propellers and the indicator light of this can be switched which is convenient in taking pictures at night time.

8. DJI Mavic Pro:

This is the best choice for travellers. It is portable as it can be folded into a very small size. This can fly up to 4.3 miles and can last up to 27 minutes due to the new Ocusync transmission system. It is good at stabilizing itself through a strong and high wind capturing smooth videos without any problem. It is easy and safe to fly because it’s great at avoiding obstacles. It is equipped with vision positioning & GPS as well as Glonass. Therefore, is one of the best small drones also known as the perfect photography/filming tool for both indoor and outdoor activities.

7. UPair One Camera Drone:

This is ideal for beginner drone users. It comes with many modes consisting of position hold mode, headless mode, altitude hold mode, one key return home, low-voltage return home, lost contact return home which can assist better. It is also equipped with 5400mAh of Li-Po battery that enables it to fly up to 19 minutes. It has multiple safety protection system which ensures during both flying and landing. Other than this, you would experience the most comfortable managing of all time because the screen has been built directly on the remote controller.

6. DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Camera Drone:

This drone is ideal in stabilizing the video because it comes with a 3-axis gimbal. This drone possesses vision Positioning system which helps to stabilize the outdoor flight making the videos as well as images not look blurry. This drone also comes with the flight battery and rechargeable remote control that allows you to fly it longer. This drone is very safe to operate which means that both flying and landing would be very secure. Therefore, this drone is highly recommended, especially for first starters.

5. KYToy Camera Drone:

This is great for beginners. It is easy to use and requires no other tools to operate. Its 509G is perfect in avoiding crashes. This drone is also made from good plastic and flexible materials which is found durable to use, possible to bend, and preventive from breaking even when hitting hard things. The users will have an easy time keeping altitude and it’s altitude hold mode is golden for alien shooting. The LCD display allows pilot to maintain the movement. Thus, can allow the drone to fly on its own. It has good quality cameras producing clear images and videos and also is available on many special modes including headless mode, and key return mode which can assist the user in managing direction or the flight and ensures the avoidance the loss of aircraft.

4. Blomiky Quadcopter Drone:

This is good at stabilizing itself even through strong and hard wind which helps in producing smooth videos. It comes with a strong battery which allows the flight time up to 10 minutes if you use it with action camera, and 13-18 minutes if you use it with regular camera. It gives worry free flying experience because this drone possesses many special modes and features such as automatic lock protection, high temperature lock protection, position hold mode, headless mode, altitude hold mode, one key return home mode. Therefore, it is great for any newbies. This drone is capable of reducing heat even during operation. It is excellent in producing good quality pictures as it is equipped with good camera.

3. Blomiky 506HG 12.0MP Full-HD 1080P RC Quadcopter Drone:

This drone helps in taking pictures or videos from a greater angle as it comprises with 170 degrees angle lens, which allows you to capture any amazing moment better. It produces good pictures and videos because it has a good stabilization. Available with many special modes such as automatic lock protection, high temperature lock protection, position hold mode, headless mode, altitude hold mode, one key return home mode, this will assist you better during the operation. It’s operation can also be maintained by using a remote control in the distance up to 50 metres. Additionally, video recording can also be controlled by using any app.

2. SereneLife Predator WiFi FPV Drone:

This drone has a screen attached to its remote controller which allows you to see the view from the height. This drone is capable in turning to any direction such as up and down, left and right. It comes with a headless mode function which makes it convenient and worry-free to manage it’s flying. All you need is only the 2.4G remote control to start the drone then it can be controlled up to a distance of 80-100 metres. It can also be connected to devices such as smartphones or tablets. It can only fly at a distance of 50-60 metres because it uses wifi. The battery is rechargeable and can enable the drone to fly over 7-9 minutes.

1. DJI Phantom 3 4K:

This is one of the best drones. Firstly, this drone is very comfortable to fly due to its intelligent system. It also possesses a 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal, that can stabilize the flight which will produce many good quality pictures. It comes with a remote and additional camera and helps support other 4k camera as well. Thus, the users can make good quality pictures and videos. This drone can also be connected to wifi network and users can very conveniently connect it to their smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Drones are very helpful for aerial photography. There are many options in the market, each having different functionalities and benefits and you can choose according to your needs and expectations. So, get yourself a perfect drone and don’t wait to fly through the air from the ground.

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