Baja East is a globally inspired luxury brand based in New York city. A sense of international sophistication and cultural convergence defines the relaxed silhouettes, rich fabrics, and vibrant prints of Baja East. Do you think she will like Baja East?

Leibish and Co (the creators of this jewel) call this ring an engagement ring. With a beautiful 8.69 carats halo and set in 18K, it is rightly so. But if you observe the light emanating from its center, you will see why it’s called the Ring of Happiness.


You might be surprised that American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins unlike their proof counterparts, are not sold directly to the general public, but only to authorized buyers. Pick up one of these limited edition coins and present it to your lady love.


Even the greatest relationship goes through rough patches. That’s why you need the grinning jade pendant to bring back the mojo back. And if she loves good luck charms, this could be the perfect gift you can get her


Nothing is quite as elegant as fine crystal chandeliers that give sparkle to evening parties at palaces and manor residences. Make up for all of your mistakes with a majestic chandelier that will take her breath away.


Only a brute could have made her cry. Own up and win her over. Send her this designer statue with a note on how much you regret being a beast and ask for forgiveness. It make melt the beauty’s heart.


For years scientists have known that light plays an important part in our moods. If she’s not responding to you lately, it could be due to the light. A Fine Art lamp can turn the tables and put both of you in a mood for love and togetherness.


Anyone can gift a jewel but only you can make her a jeweler. Yes, this gemstone faceted rondelle can bring out the jeweler in her as she can break it down into beads and make an amazing bead set from it.  Or she could craft a magnificent timepiece and show off her skills.


Remember the time you gifted her that perfect ring and how her face glowed with love? Well, recreate that magical moment with this Tiffany Diamond Pendant Necklace.