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It is known for its traditional yet modern look. It’s becoming a timeless design that needs only minimal enhancements to make it our own. It has an extra layer of texture which comes from some rift-sawn oak that was ebonized for the turntable’s plinth. It’s complemented by a mat cut from our signature bison leather, along with powder-coated black tonearm parts, and a custom on/off knob machined especially for this release. It has a built-in-pre-amp, therefore there is no separate receiver or amp required and also has a pre-installed Ortofon OM 5E cartridge. It can be hooked straight up to any pair of powered speakers and start playing, making it ideal if you’re just getting into vinyl or just want a no-fuss setup. It also includes a blacked-out cue lever, RCA cables, and a dust cover. Two records courtesy of Vinyl Me Please — Biggie’s Ready To Die and The National’s Boxer — will be sent separately to help start or add-to your collection.


It has been hand-making high-end audio equipment in its Brooklyn offices since 1955. The company’s original version — called by reviewers “very likely the best sounding headphones ever made” and “simply an audiophile work of art” — is an open-air design with internal maple parts and mahogany cups that combine with purpose-built 50 mm drivers to create a special resonance inspired by techniques long-used by musical instrument makers. To have ours sound and look our very own, we paired ebonized oak cups — different types of wood sing with their own personalities — with the internal maple wood to produce an organic sound that’s full of unrivaled detail, rich vocals, and a huge soundstage with deep lows. The bison leather headband and ebonized oak finish is a perfect match for our turntable.


This speaker, powered entirely over Lightning is a pocketable way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a full-blown conference system. It has a built-in microphone and powerful speaker which can fill large rooms with sound while ensuring everyone is heard, and the large button on the front will mute and unmute calls or play or pause or media based on context. A pass-through power port helps you charge your device while in use and you can also hook it to a Mac or PC via a USB-to-Lighting connection.


It has a modern tech classic look. This compact APS-C shooter borrows the 24-megapixel sensor, 49-point AF system, and Maestro II processor from the sleek TL, then wraps it in a modern interpretation of the company’s classic rangefinders. As a result, there are two dials on top for controlling aperture, shutter speed, and exposure compensation, an additional display for glancing at the current settings, and a high-res electronic viewfinder with zero perceptible lag. It is compatible with all TL and SL lenses and standard M- and R-mount glass via adapter but is best pared with the new Elmarit-TL 18mm f/2.8 pancake making it highly capable shooter and pocket friendly.


It is a sleek portable battery pack. It has an integrated Lightning cable, a detachable micro USB cable, an integrated USB charging cable, and highly efficient circuitry to make the most of its 3,350mAh cell. It’s just over four inches tall and can easily slip into a bag or down into the console of all-electric vehicle.


This smartphones gives a tough competition to what the best and big names have to offer. It has a 6-inch, 18:9 AMOLED display that adapts automatically to harsh light, nestled inside an aluminum unibody with a ceramic fingerprint sensor on the rear. That’s also where you’ll find the 16+20 megapixel dual-camera system, with a dedicated f/1.7 lens for low light shots. Its OxygenOS is one of the cleanest Android experiences around and runs fast on a Snapdragon 835 processor, paired with an Adreno 540 GPU, up to 8GB of RAM, and plenty of on-board storage. It also comes unlocked and has dual sim slots making it ideal for international travel.


This is the latest addition to their growing line of audio products. Each pair is tuned and tested in Detroit, and features a 50 mm dynamic driver with neutral frequency response. It also comes with top grain leather headband and memory foam ear pads encased in lambskin available in black and cognac.


The 6-inch waterproof Brogue Boot is a perfect example, featuring premium full-grain leather uppers. Each pair is sealed with a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry as they sit on 400 grams of cushy insulation for warmth and comfort. The toughness of a rubber lug outsole along with anti-fatigue footbeds that absorb shock and return energy during a long day on your feet. Boots like a pair of timberlands are rare to find.


It has an upper crafted from premium full-grain leather paired with recycled rubber lug outsoles form a stylish silhouette, while an OrthoLite insole provides comfort for all-day wear. The lace-up front offers the look of a classic trench boot, but a convenient side-zip allows for a swift getaway. These boots are versatile enough to fit in anywhere.


It is one of the best cleaning tools. It uses a medical-grade stainless steel wand to generate modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through water and break apart dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level. Therefore, it can clean anything, be it clothes or food, a toothbrush or EDC. It’s not noisy and packs easily and can work in nearly anything that holds water, it’s manufacturing-ready, thus, you don’t need to wait for long.


This new app lets you create custom wallpaper that mimics the curves of the X’s screen while drowning the notch in a sea of black. It comes with a library of images, in case you don’t want to supply your own, and will let you preview your choice before exporting. Therefore, this is a wonder app for many.


This speaker is newly designed. It is one of the most compact wireless collection. It comes with exchangeable covers fitting any interior style, either with Kvadrat-sourced wool blend fabric or anodized aluminum. The main rigid polymer body holds a 3.5-inch driver and high-quality soft dome tweeter, tuned by B&O engineers and adjustable further via a three-position switch. The M3 is future-ready as it will support Apple AirPlay 2 which rolls out next year, allowing it to pair with any speaker that’s AirPlay 2 enabled. Other listening options include Bluetooth or Wi-Fi playback using Chromecast, Beolink Multiroom, or QPlay. Available in Natural with fabric cover or Black with anodized aluminum cover.


This provides a new twist in TV-watching. In the first episode, you’re introduced to author Olivia Lake (played by Sharon Stone), and afterward, the 7.5-hour story breaks into different perspectives. You can choose to watch all of them before moving on, or instead follow the storyline straight to the end. Unlocked along the way are additional documents, recordings, and video clips that help add to the story, and you can always go back to watch episodes you skipped over once you’re done. The Mosaic app is currently available for iOS and Apple TV, with an Android version to follow, and a Soderbergh-edited, six-hour version of the series will air on HBO January 22.


This Camera is the first newly-designed SLR system in over two decades. It uses a modular design to provide flexibility, with an interchangeable lens mount and film back. It ships with a universal M42 mount that can quickly be swapped for a Nikon F, Olympus OM or Canon FD plate, and the film back is designed to be daylight-changeable, so you can swap films in the middle of a shoot. The camera itself has manual shutter speed and film advance controls, a front-mounted shutter button, and built-in flash and LED lights, so you can choose how to augment the available light. After its release you can 3d print any accessories you like.


It uses a Wi-Fi connected bridge and battery-powered sensors to give you more information about your home. Each sensor can detect movement, loud noises, and water leaks, notifying you if anything’s amiss. They can also tell the temperature, and integrate with the Nest thermostat, giving it the ability to make sure every room in the house stays comfortable. It is available as a starter kit with a bridge and either three or five sensors, with extra sensors available separately.


The eVscope Smart Telescope leverages this fact to deliver an amazing view of the cosmos. It uses patent-pending technology to bounce astral images off a mirror and onto a specialized low-light sensor that amplifies the image, which is then projected into the eyepiece with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Thanks to its motorized mount, it can also identify which direction it’s pointing, and automatically align itself to pick out any object in the sky. So u can see the night sky in ways a naked eye can’t.


It is crafted in Italy by Tuscan artisans. Each pair arrives in tumbled waxed Italian calf leather that’s been hand-antiqued along with hand-stained leather outsoles. Part of Frye’s beautiful Made in Italy Collection, the Chase Chelsea is a classic boot style that will provide a long lasting option that certain to never go out of style.


It has a limited edition gloss and matte finish. The toothbrush kit combines the benefits of an electric toothbrush and a sleek, minimalist design. The battery lasts two weeks on a single charge, keeping those unsightly cords in your drawer and off your sink. The USB charging cable makes for easy charging, both at home and on the go.


The Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector lets you not only hear these calls but identify them, as well. It plugs into your device’s Lightning or MicroUSB port, using a specialized microphone to capture the sounds, and a companion app to turn them into something our human ears can understand.


The Sony Aibo Entertainment Robot is a revitalization of the concept, powered by advancements not only in robotics but in AI. Its outward appearance is more approachable, resembling a real dog more than a sci-fi pet, and ultracompact 1- and 2-axis actuators let it make fluid, natural movements. But it’s what’s inside that makes the biggest difference, as its software is naturally curious and trained to please, letting it learn your preferences, learn your home’s layout, and eventually become a one-of-a-kind companion, much like the real thing.


It is the combination of the warmth of vacuum tubes and the reliability of solid-state design. The McIntosh MA252 Integrated Amplifier is the company’s first hybrid integrated amp. Its preamp stage consists of two 12AX7a and two 12AT7 vacuum tubes housed in protective cages, while the output stage is a directly-coupled solid-state unit delivering up to 160 Watts per channel. Two unbalanced, a balanced, and an MM phono input are offered and can be renamed for ease of use. The all-analogue design also includes bass and treble controls for fine-tuning and a full-range subwoofer output to boost low-frequency response.


Coming with a modular Bluetooth-enabled headband, these TMA-2 headphones provide a warm, balanced sound that’s perfect for extended listening. With a focus on clear low-end dynamics, the headphones unleash deep bass with a wide sound stage and high isolation — meaning, your Run the Jewels and Com truise tracks will sound their best ever. The speaker units are engineered with a 40mm titanium-coated driver to reduce distortion, and built with a fully sealed housing, providing full and rich sound. Up top is a reinforced bluetooth headband with super comfortable PU leather padding, while memory foam PU leather-covered earpads and a detachable coiled cable for wired listening that extends up to 10 feet round out the pair. Pretty much every surface is coated with thin rubber to give a matte look with a soft-touch feeling.


Razer is know fir it’s high end gaming gear. there’s the 5.72-inch, Quad HD IGZO LCD capable of 120hz refresh rates for smooth graphics. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 835 platform paired with 8GB of RAM and promises an audio experience to match the graphics with front-firing speakers with dual dedicated amplifiers and a THX-certified USB-C audio adapter with a 24-bit DAC. All this comes in an aluminum body that also holds a pair of 12-megapixel cameras and a massive 4,000 mAh battery for extra-long gaming sessions.


This is designed as an end table, the M1 features a built-in hi-fi system with 50-watt output through three speakers. The wireless piece is made from Baltic Birch and will automatically turn on your music streaming service of choice when detected. Available in black or natural.


The Cary42 is a portable game console from Love Hulten that comes with 100 classic games. The case is handcrafted from solid American walnut and opens to an old-school two-player gaming console complete with panels in satin grey and black and white buttons. It can also store over 10,000 emulated games that you can add through a USB connection. Limited to 50 units.


This camera can shoot in every direction. Odds are you won’t be using it for that. Instead, lets you edit a 16:9, 1080p video out of your footage after the fact using an app and some seriously powerful software. Spec-wise, it has two 208-degree, f/2.8 lenses paired with Sony sensors, and includes a handy grip/tripod that lets you hold it without getting your mitts in the way.


It is wireless and comes with active noise-cancellation. Unlike many of its counterparts in the market, the H9 is almost entirely devoid of plastic components, instead opting for natural materials. The over-ear design sits comfortably due to the softness of the lambskin and adaptive memory foam so you can easily use all 14 hours of noise-cancelling battery life for tunes or to take your calls on the go without your ears protesting. The highly-advanced polished and anodized aluminum plate on the ear cup is sensitive to the touch, allowing you to adjust volume and active noise cancelling even with gloves on. A major plus for long-haul jet-setters is the ability to remove and replace the Lithium-Ion battery in seconds, allowing for virtually unlimited cord-free play time.


It comes hidden inside its slim, circular hardwood body is a 3-inch, long-throw full-range driver that works with a hidden bass port to deliver full sound. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth let it receive signals without any wires, and the optional rechargeable battery can get rid of the power cord for up to eight hours at a time, whether it’s sitting on the included stand or hanging on a wall. It connects easily with other Tivoli gear to create a stereo or whole-room system, and is available in black or walnut.


Part of Tivoli Audio’s new speaker line-up, the Model One Digital is the company’s wireless update to the original Model One, allowing you to stream music over WiFi, Bluetooth, or tune to FM radio. A handmade, real wood case protects the compact sound system and Danish fabric is used for the speaker grill. Listen to it on its own, or craft a modern home listening experience with mid-century design by wirelessly pairing it with one or more of Tivoli Sphera speakers in matching finishes. It is available in black or walnut.


This headphone is built from Lambskin, aluminum, and stainless steel construction with braided wiring. The result is an incredibly comfortable set of headphones weighing just over 8 ounces that delivers the sound quality you expect from Bang & Olufsen. The functional components are just as attractive as the headphones themselves: electro-dynamic 40mm drivers, 19 hours of use via a single charge, and on-device touch controls for answering calls and controlling the music. The H4’s can be used with the included 3.5mm cord when the battery runs low, keeping the music going at all times.


The new MyMomo custom steering wheel service lets you, for the first time, create a Momo classic of your own. You get to customize every detail, from the leather covering the grip to the colour of the stitching, logo, and spokes. There are five different styles on which you can base your design, and if that’s not enough customization, you can always have your name embroidered on it, or your signature laser-engraved onto the steel.


This may not look very pretty to eyes but it come with both a regular back cover and a “Mosquito Away” cover, which has a dedicated speaker on the back for blaring ultrasonic waves that will keep the biting bugs at bay. Otherwise, it’s a pretty pedestrian affair, with an 8-megapixel rear shooter, 5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, and Android Marshmallow, but none of that is likely to matter since it’s exclusive to India.