Some things in life are difficult to forget. Like the first time you saw her. Your first kiss. The day you proposed to her. Bring out all those memories with this beautiful 8.42 carat halo and extraordinary ring set in 18kt gold. Fall in love all over again.


Relationship experts say love is a bridge that connects heaven and earth. If the tremors of misunderstanding have been plaguing your relationship, it’s time to build that bridge of love once again with this lovely piece of art that is nicknamed the ‘Arch of Love.’


Engineers call it the Linear Suspension Lighting. But artists refer to it as the suspension of disbelief. Women love fantasies and what better way to give wings to her imagination than lighting that can put her in the mood for romance and more.


The first time she’ll unwrap the giftbox and take out this lovely Melissa Shoulder Leather handbag, she’ll be rubbing her hands together in glee as if its Christmas. Don’t believe my words? Try it out on your own and see the magic happen before your eyes.


Does she get bored with parties where everyone stands around talking about the same thing again and again? Get her one of these copper-chiseled grape ice buckets and let her start a real conversation.  By the way, this ice bucket is also excellent for keeping wine or champagne cool without moistening the bottle, because the ice-cubes are contained in an inner chamber.


There is nothing sexy about a Korean Dolsot Stone Bowl. But in the hands of a creative mind (like your lady love), it can turn into an elegant piece that brings her interiors to life. It could spark off ideas and she’ll be thankful to you for your thoughtful gift.


Get two of these Bose Wireless Headphones. Strap it on and see how her favorite music will melt her heart and feed her need for love. Your Love.


If you have ever dreamt of having your photo on her wrist, that fantasy is now coming true. This fascinating Smart Watch will have your image on its surface, reminding her of your love day in and day out.


If the maid was the reason you had the fight in the first place, that problem is now solved. You can fire her. Put this Roomba 980 on the floor and let her roam from room to room to clean an entire level of your home. Unlike your maid, the Roomba can recharge and resume until the job is done.