Buy Auto Insurance Online, Because there are People Who Sleep During Driving…

June 15, 2019  —  By

If you are planning to buy auto insurance online, I suggest you do it quickly because there are things happening on the road that are quite impossible to believe.

Take a look at this gentleman who is asleep in his Tesla during Friday rush hour.

His car keeps zooming in and out of the lanes.

Feels scary, doesn’t it?

Yes, I know the Tesla has an Autopilot system can handle basic driving tasks, it’s not good enough that you can take a nap.

If you’d like to get more of these interesting tid bits, join our facebook group but on the other hand if you would like to know of the latest auto insurance rates, especially in NYC, here you go:

Auto Insurance Rates in NYC

In New York city, we noted that Travelers offers the best car insurance rate for good drivers. The price is an average of approximately $149 per month. The next-cheapest options comes from Geico and Progressive.

Travellers is at $1,784 per year, which comes down to $149 per month. While Geico will cost you $2,117 per year, which works out to $176 per month.

Progressive will come around to $2,410 per year, which is $201 per month. So there you have it. If you are planning to purchase auto insurance online or get an instant auto insurance quote to protect yourself from unsafe drives, you have all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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