Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott Have Split.

August 7, 2018  —  By

Jacinta Kuznetsov and Jonathan Scott have split. The property Brothers famous star and his longtime girlfriend have parted away. An insider for Scott confirmed their split. The HGTV host had also shared a message about the separation through an emotional post posted on his Instagram account. “When I met Jacinta in the fall of 2015, I met somebody kind and courageous and a champion for human/animal rights,” he wrote. “We grew to respect each other very much and knew that this respect and care for each other will remain unchanged for the rest of both of our lives.”

The outward observers that, their relationship was very flourishing and soon after proposing to his girlfriend, people thought that this was just a matter of time but this thought changed soon after Jonathan followed by a suit and Kuznetsov wearing a ring in her ring finger. But in April 2018, he dropped a bombshell by announcing their split through an Instagram account.