August 3, 2018  —  By

Just after 6 months of marriage, Colton and Jeff have decided to end their marriage. TMZ had reported that Haynes had filed for divorce on 8th May in Los Angeles. Rumours started to spread just 1 week before the actor deleted all their photos from social media. She also unfriends him on Instagram feeds.
He also dropped the word husband from his Instagram bio and also removed his married name Haynes-Leatham.

The Arrow actor took it to her twitter to spread about their split. He also cleared all the rumours about his relationship end. “Jeff would never cheat,” he tweeted. “He’s an amazing man. Haynes had released a song “Man It Sucks” which talks about his problems with her other half. She also states that the track wasn’t inspired by his husband and wrote,” Please stop being mean to him. The song I wrote was about a past relationship.”