Broke Your Heart? These 15 Things will Help You Today

August 3, 2018  —  By

1. A reliable companion pillow.

Promising Review: “Very cute and comfortable! A great gift for the friend who is now single. An amazing sleeping companion!” —April Meadows

Get it from Amazon for $34.99 or Jet for $46.82.


2. An amazingly pretty eyeshadow palette you can use on your downtime since it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby.

Promising Review: “I originally bought this as a gift for my bestie’s birthday and instantly fell in love with the colors, so I did what any sane person would do and purchased two. This has been my go-to for over a month now! I love how blendable the formula for these eyeshadows are and how they are very long lasting.” —Alicateye

Get it from Sephora for $36.


3. coloring book for when you want to be artistic but mentally say “fuck off I deserve better.”

Promising Review: “I was married for 17 years before becoming single at age 40. Dating has changed a lot since I was 21 and online dating is in a special category of its own. I use this coloring book to keep me sane as I navigate dating in the 21st century. Fun!” —Allykat

Get it from Amazon for $6.98.


4. An oversized robe, because you really can’t focus on coordinating outfits at the moment so why even try?

Promising Review: “My new favorite robe! I wish I could wear it all day and never have to put on clothes, it’s so soft!” —AD

Get it from Amazon for $24.99Sizes: XS-3X. Available in nine colors.


5. A piece of wall art ready to tell you how great you can be everyday.

Get it from Nordstrom for $39.


6. A pair of fluffy slippers that will keep you nice and comfy while you tear up on the couch, reminiscing on all the good times you had with your (former) significant other.

Promising Review: “I ordered these one day when my feet were feeling particularly cold and they have kept my toes nice and toasty since. They have a nice thick sole, so when I run outside quickly to do something, I’m not afraid of stepping on anything sharp. They are really cute!” —L Slip

Get them from Amazon for $19.99+. Available in six colors.


7. boozy pin to let everyone know what fragile state you’re in.

Get it from The Silver Spider on Etsy for $10.


8. An array of chocolates. Forrest Gump was right — you never know what you’re gonna get in life, so why not indulge?

Promising Review: “Godiva is always delicious. This was a perfect selection of chocolates — just enough variety of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate as well as fillings. They also arrived fresh.” —Amazon Customer

Get the box of 19 chocolates from Amazon for $32.


9. An inspirational movie for teaching you how to actually deal with being all by yourself, again.

Promising Review: “It’s a really smart comedy, and there are surprisingly complex characters, even though it’s surely goofy. In terms of romantic comedy, it’s a little more realistic, a little darker, but lovely in the end.” —Chris Abraham

Get it from Amazon for $9.99. Also available on Blu-ray and Amazon Video.


10. An oversized sweater that will tell every fuckboy in existence they have no chance in hell and back.

Get it from Reddressedco on Etsy for $26.07Sizes: S-2XL. Available in six colors.


11. A set of self-affirmation cards to remind yourself that you are definitely as fly as you say you are, with or without a partner.


You always have to start by loving yourself first.

Promising Review: “Adorable and witty cards. Perfect to round out a not-so-happy tarot reading, or just to uplift your day.” —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $12.51.


22. bluetooth speaker for singing your favorite song aloud to keep from crying.


Promising Review: “What a great surprise. It was very inexpensive, yet the quality was excellent. It was solid and compact, with quality buttons and inputs. It was easy to use and for such a small speaker, and surprisingly loud. Its sound was good for such a small speaker. Also, it comes with a large battery that lasts hours!” —Brad

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.


23. no drama flask to pull out when things just become way too much.

Of course drinking isn’t the best way to cope, BUT.

Get it from Shopbop for $25.


24. rose choker necklace because you can buy your own damn flowers! It’s called SELF love.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $40.


25. And an One Direction album. If five hot guys that can sing can’t heal your heartache, what can?

Promising Review: “I bought this for my son! He listens to it so much that I can probably sing all the words at this point. If you’re a One Direction fan, then you will love it too.” —lilpnkbnny

Get it from Amazon for $7.60. Also available on MP3.