An in-depth look at “wealth tax” supporters history of tax evasion w/ FBN’s Charles Payne

February 23, 2019  —  By

On Thursday, the Securities and Exchange Commission opened an investigation into Danske Bank facilitating the laundering of $230 billion mostly by Russian citizens through its branch in the Northern European country of Estonia.

A French court on Wednesday slammed Swiss Bank UBS with more than $5 billion in fines and damages for its role in helping wealthy French citizens evade nearly $11 billion in taxesOpens a New Window..

This week, Australia’s tax avoidance taskforce said it has recouped almost $8 billion from foreign owned and multinational companies, and nearly $5 billion from wealthy individuals.

This not only applies to corporations, but to individuals as well. Last year, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was fined $70 million for tax evasion and soccer superstar Christiano RonaldoOpens a New Window.forked over close to $22 million to avoid jail time in Spain.

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