10 Most Expensive Gifts on Amazon – and 10 Affordable Alternatives

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10 Most Expensive Gifts on Amazon – and 10 Affordable Alternatives

This list consists of all the luxurious, expensive gifts on Amazon which will help you to figure out what to gift your loved ones, also include alternatives you can afford to buy.

It’s not necessary to gift something expensive to celebrate a special occasion but no one can stop you from dreaming. Dreaming is fun and it has a funny way in turning into reality in ways you don’t expect.
The most expensive gifts mostly includes expensive jewellery, gourmet food, expensive red vine, tools, technology and support memorabilia. Today, the most expensive item is the gorgeous necklace, a 27.35 Carat White Diamond Necklace, for $124,500. Previously, one of the most expensive gifts on Amazon was a Yankees Babe Ruth Autographed/Hand Signed Authentic Baseball, listed at $46,000 dollars. If you’re looking for a fun, affordable sports gift, check out the Amazon Sports Fan Page. You’ll find a wide array of jerseys, caps, and clothing that represents different sports teams – and I can guarantee that they’re not the most expensive gifts.

10 Most Expensive Gifts – and 10 Affordable Alternatives
Enjoy luxury without spending a huge amount of money.

The Most Expensive Diamond Ring – an Extravagant Engagement Gift
Diamonds are considered as the world’s most precious resources. Amazon brings you fancy yellow and pink diamond ring which costs $125000 and is one of the most expensive ring on Amazon. So, if you are hoping to get engaged or its your friends birthday or any lined up occasions, Amazon presents you with less expensive alternative 3/4 carat solitaire engagement ring which looks exactly like the one in the picture.

The Most Expensive Diamond Necklace
The gorgeous diamond and Ceylon blue necklace costs $114000, there is an alternative which almost match but not quite because the emerald is bright blazing green colour. In this festive season you can gift your loved one with the Gold and sterling silver diamond heart pendant which is an affordable alternative. It’s not big and splashy like the sapphire and diamond pendant but it looks beautiful, it is not about the money you spent on it rather it’s about the love you bore for her in your heart which makes this gift priceless.

The Most Expensive Gift Perfume for Men
If you are looking for a perfume to make your man smell like a king then don’t miss the Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume which costs $435000. Yes, the price do sound unbelievable but it is purely a bottle with heavenly fragrance.
Here’s a review on Amazon on this perfume for men:
“This bottle of liquid superiority immerses my senses with pure delight! Originally I purchased this little treasure for myself and immediately bought twenty more for my closest of friends….On a recent flight to my Eastern compound I spilled a bottle in my jet. We had to make an emergency landing due to the overwhelming aroma in Frankfurt, Germany. ”
(Seriously? Or is it a joke?)
Amazon also brings you an affordable alternative, very popular fragrance gift for men is Bvlgari Blv Notte by Bvlgari. This has a delish smell and last all day along. Trust me you won’t regret.

The Most Expensive Gift Perfume for Women
Clive Christian makes the same Imperial Majesty perfume for women, which also costs $435,000. It must be the same perfume, though it’s listed under different categories. Next comes the Penningtons Bath Lavender Eau De Toilette which costs $10000, and there is no presume between $10,000 and $435,000. Extremely affordable and most popular perfume in Amazon is Love by Sex In The City.
However, a gift like perfume is difficult gift to gift because it may not match the person taste on fragrance. So it is advisable to gift perfume to someone whom you know really well.

The Most Expensive Tool – Gifts Men Love
Men love getting tools for special occasions. The Viper Tool Stainless Steel Rollaway Cabinet with double doors on the front side costs $1,000 on Amazon. Another super expensive gift for him is a Leatherman tool- k502x Straight Edge which costs $100000. If your man loves tools check Amazon’s tool and home improvement page and if your looking for something special to gift someone even more special in your life check the page what to give your husband this Christmas – 9 creative gift tips.

Most Expensive Technology Gifts
The LifeSize Video Conferencing camera which costs $100000 does wonders. It does things your own camera, phone, or cant. It can be a great gift for your spouse starting ones own business or wanting to take it to another level. But it’s insanely expensive. There are several affordable alternatives- The new Kindle Fire With Wifi which is less than $200 . The Apple 15.4 MacBook pro is the most expensive laptop in Amazon at $3700. The Apple iPod touch is a very affordable gift for any occasion. There is no doubt that the person will love the present.

The Most Expensive Gourmet Food – Caviar
Osetra Classic Caviar- Molossal costs $1500 on Amazon which is a very expensive gift. Molossal does not refer to a variety of caviar (e.g. Beluga or Sevruga), rather it refers to the actual treatment of the caviar. The caviar has had minimal salt added to it and, therefore, has a more delicate and truer flavour. Molossal caviars are the only ones labelled as ‘fresh’ and must be kept under constant refrigeration. This caviar typically has smallish medium-size grains with a low salt balance and a that subtle crisp flavor and textures. Varies in colour, with a greenish tint to light and dark browns. A less expensive alternative is Black Lumpish Caviar which costs $32 which is very cheap. But remember, you get what you pay for. If you want to enjoy a good Caviar try The Savory Sophisticated Gourmet Food Basket with Caviar, you’ll also get cheese, crackers, truffles, and other yummies to help you get the most of your caviar.

Red Wine – The Most Expensive Food on Amazon
The 2003 Ausone 6L Imperial which costs $30000 and is not the most expensive wine on Amazon. You can visit the page 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Love Wine for your wine lover friends.
You can be more creative while gifting people who love to cook. Check out the Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer – it’s perfect for adding flavor to salads and stir frys without adding extra fat and calories.

Most Expensive Musical Instrument
You may have no idea about how much the musical instruments cost if you don’t play one. The Hohner Morino IV Accordion costs either $14,000, and is definitely a specialty item! The 1950 Fender Broadcaster is a guitar that costs $40,000. There is a huge difference in playing a regular guitar versus the guitar which costs above $5000. So, a guitar isn’t just one of the most expensive gifts – it’s actually a quality gift that isn’t just about how much you spend.

At the end of the day a gift is anything more than its price, gifts are not bought from your valet rather it’s given from your heart. So, don’t delay, pick the best suited gift from Amazon and bring a smile on the face of your loved one.